Ivanic Winery

How we make wines?

  • Wine is not only an agricultural product. Wine represents a philosophy of life, it is a product with terroir.

    Our wines are cultivated with respect for the peculiarities of our vineyards.

    Ultimately, our wines express the character of our vineyard, a character more persistent than the specifics of an individual vintage.

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  • HORECA buyers please contact our distributor Fine Wines d.o.o.
    email: info@finewines.hr


    OPG Vinarija Ivanic
    Sokolovec 16G
    HR44320 Kutina

  • Tel: +385 91 614 6963
  • Email: info@vina-ivanic.hr

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  • VAT No: HR 42298712672
  • IBAN: HR5123400091160403327
  • SWIFT: PBZGHR2X, Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.